Dr. Robert Mawire

Dr Robert E Mawire

Dr. Robert Mawire

Dr. Robert Mawire was born in Zimbabwe and graduated from Worldview College in Tasmania, Australia before moving to Texas in 1980.

Dr. Mawire organized and facilitated humanitarian aid to Mozambique (1983-1987), which is partially accredited for the collapse of Communism within that nation, the first such collapse in forty years. Dr. Robert Mawire subsequently received commendation for his international endeavors from President Ronald Reagan. Moreover Dr. Robert Mawire was instrumental in the publishing and distribution of Portuguese Bibles in Mozambique to support the continued spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Robert Mawire is now the founder of Good News World Outreach and the owner of WRNO Worldwide. He is a Christian minister, governmental consultant, and businessman with a passion for Jesus.

He is also the founder of Good News Israel, Hope for Africa, Good News World Outreach and Gerizim Technologies. Furthermore, he co-founded the Good News Ariel FM106 radio station and the Good News TV station in Ariel. Consequently he is highly regarded by local and national leaders in Israel. He is a regular speaker on Israel and the Jewish issues worldwide.